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Industrial Fencing

Strengthen security around access points and restricted areas

Cole Fence provides a variety of industrial fences that are not only built to last, but are also ornamental and professional-looking. Our fences are made of steel or aluminum, powder-coated, and galvanized for maximum durability. Alternatively, we can also provide chain link if steel or aluminum are not appropriate for your facility.
When it comes to industrial fencing, you can’t afford to compromise on quality and reliability. Cole Fence’s experts design, install, and maintain high-quality fences to secure your premises and protect your goods from unwanted intruders and natural disasters.

We offer the following fence selections for manufacturers:

  • Steel gates – Extremely difficult to climb over due to pointed tops, our steel gates offer greater security than timber or chain link fences. They are galvanized for durability, so you can expect a long lifecycle and minimal maintenance.
  • Chain link – To keep your property secure we offer 4′ – 10′ tall fence. Barbwire can be added for additional security.
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